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“This is from the gentleman sitting over in that corner…” | July 29, 2010

I haven’t seen this for myself, but I was sent an article that describes a rather unique open-air cafe in the town of Kashiwa.

Apparently, each customer receives what the previous customer ordered. The rules are straight-forward (these have been translated directly from the Japanese website):

1. Always order something for the following customer.

2. Even when with friends or with family, line up one-by-one at the register and place your order separately.

3. Gratefully receive and consume whatever someone has ordered for you, even if it is not to your taste. If there is absolutely no way you can do so, quietly pass it on to someone else as a gift.

4. If you see someone with the special order form, be sure to thank them.

5. The cafe cannot produce tax receipts.

Many bloggers and journalists concluded that this was a certain type of weird Japanese cafe, without doing much research. It was, in fact, a one or two-time event that took place in 2008. The point was to establish a sense of community and a form of indirect communication through food and drinks. Makes it easier to buy some attractive stranger a drink too, assuming that he or she walked in right after you.


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