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FujiQ Highland | August 17, 2011

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One of the happiest places in Japan is FujiQ Highland, a theme park for all ages. Located near Mount Fuji, a two and a half hour drive west of Tokyo, FujiQ Highland is known for its intensive, high-flying roller coasters as well as its cartoon-based rides for the little ones. Twenty-four major attractions can keep the average visitor busy all day, with more to be found for the youngest to enjoy.

One of the more popular roller coasters is the Eejanaika, the 4th dimension coaster. This hanging coaster (your legs dangle) boasts the highest number of spins in the world. The spins can be categorized into three areas: spins of the seat forward and backward, loops and flip-flops through the air, and twists. Another bloodcurdling attraction is the Fujiyama: King of Coasters. This particular roller coaster hits a maximum speed of 130 km/h (81mph). It also takes passengers 79m (259 ft) off the ground. Although the Fujiyama does not have any twins, loops or flip-flops, the sheer height and huge drops featured, alone, satisfies all thrillseekers.

In addition to the raging coasters available at FujiQ, the theme park also provides young visitors with tame rides and attractions. One favorite part of the park is Thomas Land. This is where children can immerse themselves in the world of Thomas, the Tank Engine. Youngsters can go on a train ride pulled by Thomas, Percy, or James. They can also watch a 3D movie, ride a mini roller coaster, go on a cruise, or engineer their own trains by taking control of Thomas and his friends.

At FujiQ, restaurants and shops are also major attractions for visitors. The park features 14 restaurants or eateries. The restaurants serve a myriad of foods, including crepes, burgers, pizza, and Dippin’ Dots ice cream. Even a Turkish restaurant, Doner Kebab, is on the list of eateries. There are just as many shops as there are restaurants at FujiQ Highland. Visitors are able to shop in specialty stores such as the Warner Brother’s Studio Store, Natural Choice, or the Gegege no Yokai Shop, which features goods from that anime series.

There is never a dull moment at FujiQ Highland, one of the most popular theme parks in Japan. Other parks are also open to visitors in Japan. The Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch is a park that imitates Dutch villages and is located in the Nagasaki prefecture. Nagashima Spa Land is a theme park located in the Nagahima Resort, which boasts a sports facility, hot spring, and the longest coaster in the world. Tokyo also houses a Disneyland theme park, geared toward children of all ages.

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